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We understand the importance of having a properly drafted will and we are here to help you make informed decisions that are right for you and your situation. We ask the right questions to truly understand your needs and guide you through the process of making a valid will that gives you control over your assets when you pass away. If you pass away without a valid will, the law, through intestate succession, determines who inherits your estate without any consideration of your wishes. Through these intestate succession laws, your estate may end up being divided and distributed to unintended beneficiaries because the intestate succession laws do not provide for your close friends, your chosen charities, or other organizations. This means you have no say in who gets your assets.

Enduring Power Of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a very important legal document that allows you to appoint a close friend or family member as your Attorney and grant them access to all or some of your assets. This document helps ensure that you and your family have access to money when needed. The Attorney’s power can either be effective immediately or upon the determination of your doctor or hospital if you become mentally incapable.

Personal Directive

A Personal Directive allows you to appoint an Agent to make personal decisions on your behalf and choose the type of medical treatment you wish to be administered in the event you become mentally incapable. In the event you lose mental capacity without appointing an Agent through a Personal Directive, your loved ones may be subjected to costly and lengthy court processes to obtain Guardianship. Setting out your clear instructions through a Personal Directive concerning medical treatment can help avoid family disagreements and is a simple and preventative solution that ensures that you maintain control over what happens to you in the event of incapacity.


The administration of an estate refers to all the tasks required of a personal representative that is necessary to wind up the assets and financial affairs after someone dies. The tasks of the personal representative in administering an estate commence when a person dies and concludes with the transfer of the last of that person’s assets to the persons legally entitled to it. Some of the core tasks of a personal representative are identifying the estate assets and liabilities, administering and managing the estate, satisfying the debts and obligations of the estate, and distributing and accounting for the administration of the estate. We can assist personal representatives with all tasks relating to the administration of a deceased’s estate which depending on the circumstances, may be simple or complicated.

Real Estate

We understand that any real estate transaction is a huge undertaking and can be an overwhelming process. This is why we take pride in bringing legal acumen, knowledgeable advice, and attention to detail to your real estate transaction while providing an efficient process and offering competitive fees to help keep our services cost-effective, allowing us to meet timelines and schedules. We can assist you with negotiating, drafting, and finalizing agreements and contracts and you can be assured that we will always advocate to protect your interests and make sure the deal gets done on time and within budget.

Family Law

We understand that each family is different and that divorce and separation matters create difficulties for families, including children. This is why we will help guide you through the process of your separation, ensure you understand all your options, and manage the relationship with the other side’s lawyer so that you can make informed decisions. Our approach focuses on solutions that help protect your best interests to reach a fair settlement so that you can get on with your life. We can help you navigate your family law matters.


We are knowledgeable and can help you understand your options when it comes to visitors, workers, students, or immigrants applications, help you complete all essential immigration applications, and respond to requests and decisions. We understand the various forms and applications and we are knowledgeable in the relevant legislation and policies

Notary & Commissioner for Oaths

We provide Notary and Commissioner for Oaths services at reasonable costs.